What is iDNA?

iDNA is a white-label mobile app and web CRM that aggregates the core functionalities that drive digital transformation, offering an integrated experience in one single environment that creates a growing attractiveness for users and external merchants.

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Main features


Our white-label app system is totally customisable to your brand or organisation. Easy to set-up and quick to deploy.


More and more customers expect services delivered over messaging. We built a bespoke messaging system just for you.


Add, buy, sell FIAT and Crypto with our digital wallet allowing frictionless exchange and purchases.


Loyalty schemes are about to undergo a revolution thanks to blockchain. Our rewards engine can track each customer’s influence and reward them accordingly.


A flexible decentralised marketplace that you can use as a blockchain based m-commerce solution or open up to your customers to trade.


We use blockchain technology to securely store identity and transaction data. Blockchain allows us to measure and reward our users activity. Perfect for retail loyalty schemes.

AI tech

We're using AI technology and machine learning to optimise our service for clients and their users. Fully GDPR compliant tech to ensure relevance and effectiveness.


We work with Government, Finance, Retail, Education, Healthcare, Sports. If you want to find out how your business could benefit, get in touch.

How it works

For an organization, it is a high-level, easy, and fast go-to-market app and CRM. For the consumer, it's an intuitive and easy-to-use app. However, the magic happens in the back-end where blockchain and AI technologies combine to create a powerful engagement and commercial tool.

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Blockchain AI Operating System


Messaging reward influencer app


White-labeled app


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    Team and Advisors

    Decades of investment experience combined with in-depth knowledge of the technologies we are investing
    in Blockchain, AI, Bigdata, FinTech, EmTech, Digital transformation

    Dinis Guarda
    Founder, CEO,
    Executive Chairman
    Hilton Supra
    Partner, Vice Chairman
    Board Finance
    Sonesh Sira
    VP Strategy Research,
    Partner Board
    An Nguyen
    VP Operations
    Nitin Kalra
    CIO & Country Director India
    Gonçalo Pereira
    Hernaldo Turrillo
    VP Editor / Writer
    Fidan Aliyeva
    VP Strategy Operations
    Aarushi Malhotra
    Senior Data Scientist
    Huyen Khanh
    Lead Designer
    Peyman Farahani
    VP Digital
    Mai Nguyen
    Maskim Gasanov
    Business Developer

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    About us

    iDNA offers cutting-edge innovative technology with AI, blockchain, financial data-driven strategy for cities, organisations, and countries. We build premium platforms of the best-in-class tech to impact a very changing world.

    iDNA was founded by a team of leading thought leaders, influencers, academics, technologists, and top financial personalities with decades of high profile positions in some of the leading international organisations.

    iDNA is building and expanding into the current innovative revolution of financial technologies, distributed ledger technology, and machine learning.